Guidelines for Graduate Courses Offered for Professional Development of School Personnel

Glossary of Terms

Contract Course: Catalog courses that are facilitated through the OPDE. The fee for these courses is typically $3500. This fee allows the OPDE to pay the instructor's salary and for a maximum enrollment of 25 students. Contract courses allow all C of C -SOEHHP administrative duties and paperwork to be handled by the OPDE.

Course Evaluation: Official C of C evaluations that are completed at the end of the course and mailed back to the College of Charleston.  The results are mailed to the initiator and adjunct upon completion of review.

Catalog Course: Courses that have been approved as a part of a course of study in aC of C graduate level program. These courses are ones that are offered through a contract course arrangement and count towards a Master's Degree in a specific discipline area (Examples: M.A.T. and M.Ed. programs). They are awarded graduate credit, reviewed, and accepted by the specific discipline/curriculum involved.

EDPD: Education Professional Development

Instructor of Record: The Adjunct who is in charge of awarding the final grades and entering them on MyCharleston. This individual(s), in most cases, teaches most of the course or is in charge of other adjuncts who may help teach the course.

On-Site Evaluation: The Assistant for Administration and Public Relations will visit selected courses to evaluate them using the OPDE evaluation process. Upon completion of the evaluation, the evaluator will either leave with or mail observational feedback to the adjunct. Another copy of the evaluation is mailed to the course initiator. View the On-site Evaluation Form (.pdf).

OPDE: Office of Professional Development in Education

Professional Development Course: Courses (EDPD) taken through the College of Charleston's Office of Professional Development in Education. These courses are used to modernize instructional strategies and offer content enrichment opportunities. Credit for a course of this type does not count toward completion of a C of C curriculum program or a Master's Degree. However, credit can count towards recertification, a Bachelor's Degree +18 hours, and/or a Master's Degree +30 hours.

Rubric: An evaluation tool used to assess student performance. Rubrics display the range of points given for each specific expectation/assignment. A rubric must be displayed for each assignment given in the syllabus unless the evaluation is all or none or a test assessment leading to a specific score.

SOEHHP: School of Education, Health and Human Performance