Cohort Options

What is a cohort?
Graduate academic cohorts are a specific grouping of courses designed for teachers who are interested in gaining an alternative certification in a particular area of interest. The successful completion of this program would then lead to certification in that field. This certification could then be used to fill critical need areas within school districts. Depending on the program, cohorts typically range anywhere from 12 to no more than 22 students. All cohort courses are catalog courses and may be used in a degree program. Typically, a cohort includes 4-5 courses, depending upon the field of study. Cohorts are designed to help fit the needs of specific districts. They may run from 1 – 2 years in length, depending upon the wishes of the district and the availability of instructors at the college level.

Available Cohorts: 

Through our Cohort model, we offer certifications and endorsements in multiple areas!  These include

  • Special Education Certification
  • ESOL Certification 
  • Middle-High School Level Mathematics Certification
  • Project-Based Learning 
  • Teacher Leader Endorsement
  • Teaching Children of Poverty 


The Special Education Cohort leads to certification in Learning Disabilities.  The Cohort has 6 courses in the program. Please click here for course titles.


English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is a 5-course Cohort program that includes Principles and Strategies for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages as well as Linguistics and Assessment courses. Click here for course titles


The Project-Based Learning Endorsement is comprised of 3 courses which include Introduction to PBL, Applications of PBL in Curriculum and Instruction as well as a Practicum in PBL. Click here for course titles and numbers.


The Teacher Leader Endorsement offers flexibility with various course offerings that meet state guidelines for obtaining endorsement. Please click here for course titles.


The endorsement for Teaching Children of Poverty includes 2 courses - Class, Race, and Gender in Education and Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Education or Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in P-12 Schools and Classrooms. Please click here for course numbers and titles.


This program offers graduate-level courses in the sciences and mathematics intended to strengthen and broaden the practicing teacher’s knowledge and understanding of science and mathematics concepts. This Cohort requires 15-16 hours in specific content areas as well as an additional 9 hours of electives.  Please click here for course numbers, titles, and descriptions.

Cost Per Credit Hour

Cost of College of Charleston Cohort courses  For a complete sample breakdown of the cost of a typical cohort, please click here.

College of Charleston $574 (without discount) $358.75 per credit hour (within cohort)