Partner Information

The Office of Professional Development provides professionally-oriented graduate professional development courses which are developed in collaboration with schools, districts, and other agencies throughout the state.  Working with Professional Development coordinators across the state,  we help design quality, graduate-level professional development courses that best meet the needs of each organization.  

Our Cohort program differs in that we offer specific catalog courses to meet the needs of districts across the state.  These are catalog courses that will, upon successful completion, lead to certification or endorsement in a critical needs area.  Catalog courses also count toward a degree program, if desired.


Adjunct Approval Process

New courses in development also need an approved instructor!  This link will assist you with that process.

Course Development

Learn the process of developing a useful syllabus!  Suggestions are provided as well as a template for your future course.

Cohort programs

We offer a varied choice of Cohort programs.  Learn more about the types of courses required for each cohort and the cost comparisons. 


Please feel free to browse our website and contact us with any questions you might have!